Kyphoplasty balloon catheters

Years of experience and precision engineering enable Joline to offer users different and unique balloon designs for a Kyphoplasty procedure.  According to the individual indication there is a choice between the single balloon in various sizes or the double balloon. This ensures more control and safety to regain the geometry of the vertebra.

Allevo – Single Balloon

Joline’s minimally-invasive Allevo balloon catheter provide a complete system for treating vertebral fractures. The unique balloon design allows our balloon catheters to be precisely positioned in the vertebra, thereby creating the best conditions for stabilizing the spine.

Balloon in perfection – Catheter specialist for more than 10 years.

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Stop’n GO – double balloon

The worlwide and unique double balloon catheter with twin technology®  – a new standard in the kyphoplasty. With the Stop’n GO double balloon it is possible to inflate up to 4 Balloons within the vertebra.With the individual pressure and volume adjustment of each ballon, the vertrebral fracture can be specifcally elevated.  Step by Step the geometry of the vertebra is regained perfectly.

Significantly precise navigation ⋅ more control and safety

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