Stents OEM & Services

Joline has a long tradition in manufacturing implants and components for the medical device. We have been a well-known OEM supplier for more than 15 years. We manufacture more than 60.000 implants per year, made out of various materials. Advanced production technology and medical experience ensure highest “Made in Germany” quality standards. Joline is a reliable and flexible partner with regard to accurate and quick realization. A team of high qualified team members will take care of your project.


Our OEM Service:

Customized manufacturing of implants and other components for medical device industry.

Single steps of our manufacturing process.

Rapid prototyping and sampling.




Quick prototyping and sampling

You will hardly find a faster manufacturer of prototypes and samples. We have our own tool and mold construction. When we are provided with accurate specifications, proper CAD-data, and appropriate material supply we guarantee delivery time of < 7 work days. We have access to more than 100 different tubes and wires (316LVM, L605, Niti,…) with all common sizes. With sending us an inquiry you will be informed about the fixed delivery date immediately.

Joline is EN ISO 9001:2008 and EN ISO 13485:2003 + AC:2009 certified.

Our stents are 100% manufactured in Germany. Made in Germany means not only country of origin to us!

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Manufacturing Types

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting of implants (e.g. stents, occluders, baskets,…) and components with complex geometries and tight tolerances. We produce stents from all common metallic implant materials (e.g. 316LVM, CoCr and NiTi) and PLLA (absorbable stents).

Wire braiding

Manufacture of metal meshes (e.g. Multi- and singlewire stents, occluders,…) of fine and superfine wire.

Laser Welding

Microscopic precision laser welding of implants (e.g. x-ray markers in stents) or other components in the μ-range.

Mechanical surface treatment

Mechanical surface treatment of small and micro parts, e.g. stents.

AF & Shape Setting of NiTi

Even the most complex shapes can be produced.

Complete Implants

We manufacture your product in total. No matter what shape or what material, we have the right equipment and the necessary know how for almost everything.




Electropolishing of stainless steel, CoCr, nitinol, tantalum,...

Heat treatment

Heat treatment of implants and components. With our techniques we can do a reliable heat treatment of implants, no matter what material they are made from.


Passivation of metallic surfaces.


To clean the implants and components, we use automated systems. The result is a high quality cleaning.


We offer a Crimpservice for stents.


Control and Measure

Each product is 100% inspected before leaving our manufacturing facility.